Pink Handbags

Pink is a traditional feminine color that is loved by women all around the world. Thousands of pink handbags in a myriad of styles are available both online and in every type of store that sells handbags. They come in many sizes and shapes, from small clutches to huge tote bags, and they are also made in a wide variety of materials. They may be made of leather, plastic, and every possible fabric that can be found. Some are clear, see-through bags with pink handles and trim, while others are purely pink inside and outside. Designer pink handbags are made that cost thousands of dollars. It is also possible to find a pink one on sale for under $25 at a discount store. There is no more variety in handbags than those in the color pink.

Clutches were once purely for formal dress events when a long gown was worn, but that is no longer the case. Today’s young women love the convenience of a tiny bag that is not much larger than a wallet but practical enough to hold small jewelry like earrings and bracelets. These are made in many pink styles, such as the Lulu Townsend Ruffles Clutch that sells for only $35. This particular clutch handbag would be best for evening use since its never-ending rows of delicate pink chiffon ruffles cover the entire bag to give the appearance of delicate pink rose petals. The Future Bag by Roxy is made of 100 percent neoprene and is only around six inches by nine inches in length and width. Its color is bright neon pink with black trim and a small black loop handle called a wristlet. A more expensive clutch handbag in bright tulip pink sells for just under $200. It looks much like a traditional evening clutch with its delicate, short gold chain handle and gold snap closure. Inside, it can hold five credit cards. It also has an interior accessory mirror, a see-through I.D. window, and two interior side pockets that would be a great place for loose bills. This clutch is designed by Elaine Turner.

Pink HandbagsMany women love the convenience of a shoulder bag that rests on the shoulder to keep the hands free to carry other items. These handbags are made in just as many varieties as any other pink bag. One of the designer shoulder bag by Marc Jacobs is made of bright neon pink quilted leather. It has a large gold zipper, gold chains, and gold round loops that join the handles to the body of the handbag. The top of the bag is pleated and zips. This Italian leather bag sells for just under $1,000. A unique Coach bag constructed with the company’s signature fabric and design has a pale pink leather trim. The design is a combination of beige, neon pink, and pale pink. This shoulder bag sells for just under $300.

Satchels are fairly large handbags that are also available in many styles and shades of pink. DKNY makes a Vintage Leather Round Satchel that costs around $300, and for women looking for a more economical option, Jessica Simpson makes a bright neon pink synthetic reptile bag with plenty of interior storage for under $90. Hobo handbags have less structure than satchels, and there are a lot of pink ones to be found. Echo makes a solid terry bag with a rope trip for around $40, or there is a designer bag by Jimmy Choo that is pale pink with snakeskin trim on this leather hobo bag. Two leather rosette appliques finish the look at the top. The price of this bag is around $1,350.

There are plenty of pink tote bags for women to choose from as well. Many of them are inexpensive shopping bags that are made of plastic, while others may be constructed of fabric. If a woman loves pink, she may just have a difficult time deciding which bag she likes best since there are so many pink handbags to choose from.